Call me Álvaro.

Minutes after midnight, on December 6th, 2019, I stepped foot in Cape Verde and became the youngest Spaniard to Visit Every Country in the World. A feat only 200 people in History had done before. I am the first person from Madrid to visit every country, and one of the youngest verified people to ever do it. Don’t take my word for it, check out the independent auditors of NomadMania!


Over 13 years of traveling independently to every sovereign nation and thousands of stories and adventures, from my detention in Afghanistan to getting run over by a car in Congo, almost drowning in Zanzibar, being stranded in remote Pacific islands, sneaking into war-zones and navigating some of the most corrupts borders in the World.


An arduous, but fruitful journey inspired by a news headline: “More people have been to Space than have visited Every Country in the World.” Having visited around 40 countries, I was instantly hooked. A few years later, when the time was right, I took the leap and quit my cozy corporate job as a CFO in an Oil and Gas company to pursue my life goal.


As a Business and Law graduate, with  study abroads in the US and France, and former expat in Angola and Gabon, starting my own travel business after visiting every country was another dream come true. The World never ends, and I will make it my mission to continue exploring it, inspiring and helping others to do the same, and working with travel brands all over the globe. “Wanderreds” started in a rundown hostel in Taipei as an Instagram alias, adding my last name in English “Rojas = Reds” to my “Wander” spirit. Today, I’ve worked with over 150 brands  in + 90 countries.


Want to connect?  I’m fluent in Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese, so don’t be shy to reach out!

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