from my travels to every country in the world

Minutes after midnight, on December 6th, 2019 Alvaro Rojas became the youngest Spaniard to Visit Every Country in the World. A feat only 200 people in History had achieved before.

This is the compilation of stories and pictures from every single country. From his detention in Afghanistan to almost drowning in Zanzibar or ran over by a car in Congo. Castaway in remote Pacific islands, sneaking into war-zones and navigating some of the most corrupt borders in the World.

An arduous, but fruitful journey inspired by a newspaper headline. “More people have been to Space than visited Every Country in the World.” Having visited 40 countries, he was instantly hooked. A few years later, when the time was right, he took the leap and quit his cozy corporate job as a CFO in an Oil and Gas company to pursue his life goal. Why go through all of these crazy adventures? Why spend the money, the time, and risk it all?

What you'll find:

Stories - BOOK (Print Version)


(21 customer reviews)

What you'll find:

  • 408 crispy-colored, high-quality pages, and a velvet-feel book cover.
  • Over 300 images from all over the World. From @wanderreds’ greatest hits to a ton of completely unseen pictures.
  • Alvaro’s personal compilation of stories and photos from every single country in the World. A window into every sovereign nation on Earth.
  • Stories ordered chronologically. An insightful outlook into his personal life and the stepping stones that led him to visit every country and pursue travel as a career.
  • Wander’s Choice. One highlight per country you shouldn’t miss.

Stories - EBOOK (Digital Version)


(21 customer reviews)

What you'll find:

  • Instant download of the ebook after purchase.
  • Two ebook formats: .epub and Kindle.
  • Readable on your phone, tablet, computer, or Kindle.
  • Over 300 images from all over the World. From @wanderreds’ greatest hits to a ton of completely unseen pictures.
  • Alvaro’s personal compilation of stories and photos from every single country in the World. A window into every sovereign nation on Earth.
  • Stories ordered chronologically. An insightful outlook into his personal life and the stepping stones that led him to visit every country and pursue travel as a career.
  • Wander’s Choice. One highlight per country you shouldn’t miss.


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21 reviews for Stories: BOOK (Print Version)

  1. Chai

    Finally a travel book from the guy who has actually been to the places, and in this case, all 197!

  2. Brenda Navarro (verified owner)

    Amazing book! Awesome stories in a great timeline that makes you not want to put it down! Getting to know Álvaro personal story and his experience visiting every country in the world has been fun and enriching! Totally in love with the book, the pictures are espectacular and love that every page is the same high quality color and paper!! I find myself going back and writing down some of Álvaro’s quotes in my notebook!! Definitely the perfect gift for some of my friend’s bdays coming up!

  3. Enki layman

    This is the best book I have read not just about travel but ever. It has such beautiful pictures and it has been teaching me so many new things about so many different countries

  4. Angelo Tzatzo

    Wow you guys this book is amazing. I have been looking forward for it to coming and I was so impatient and kept us asked Alvaro when it would come like it would never come ! This book really is very special in its own ways and it is a book unlike any other book that I have read(about traveling)!It contains personal experiences, life quotes, travels advice from THE EXPERT and so so many stories that want to be read by me now as I am writing you this review. I urge you guys to buy it if you haven’t until now ! Like what are you doing ?? Why are you waiting??? It will give you a motivation to achieve something unachievable whether it be about traveling or someone’s personal goals! It is very speacial and I guarantee you that you won’t find a similar book out there like this one,because I have read and another book from someone who had been to every country but that book didn’t provide information about every country separately. However this one won’t disappoint !😉

  5. Guillermo Ochovo (verified owner)

    Alvaro has been an inspiration personally and for so many people around the world over the last few years. Having all the best stories in this book is a great way to learn about history, borders, people and remote places. Alvaro perfectly captures what it feels like to want to travel and enjoy every moment of your trip. This book will give you the push to see the world all by yourself!

  6. Marta (verified owner)

    Un libro que te permite viajar sin moverte de casa, tiene ese parte personal e íntima que no se encuentra en ninguna guía de viajes. Merece mucho la pena tenerlo en la mesilla de noche.

  7. Teja Kaligaro (verified owner)

    I can only say that this book is amazing! The stories, the pictures and the quotes are so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for this wonderful book!

  8. Pranav

    Amazing Book! Really impressed. The book is a mixture of travel tips,crazy adventures, jokes, quotes,etc. I recommend this book to everyone, read it & you will certainly be inspired to Travel. Overall Satisfied 😉

  9. Antonio Luna (verified owner)

    Pensaba que las fotos sería lo mejor del libro pero los textos son interesantes, es un recorrido vital , una biografía en 197 capítulos. Un canto a la vida y a la libertad. Felicidades.

  10. Leanne (verified owner)

    Doesn’t disappoint! So far the stories have been great and it’s nice to relate to some stories and be inspired by others:) I love the amount of pictures in there too, since you get a glimpse of the country that way too. The quality is great as well.

  11. Victoria Piñerúa (verified owner)

    This book has been really inspiring for me, a lot of stories and quotes have pushed me to start planning new destinations post-Covid. It made me want to learn more, more about countries, more culture, more about the people… Also, i have learn that is not necessary to be millionaire to travel, we just need to establish priorities. I recommend it 100%

  12. Meena

    Absolutely an amazing book that cannot be put down once started! It is not a generic travel book and that’s what drives you to keep reading. Filled with amazing stories and pictures, this book will not disappoint! It will inspire you to find your next travel destination, close to home or far away and chase your own stories in this beautiful thing called life!

  13. Norman

    Really great book! The quality of the paper is excellent and the pictures are just amazing! It’s a very pleasant read, once you start you want to keep going and read the next story, and then the next, and so on. An absolute must have for any travel enthusiasts or people just curious about experiences around the world and its different cultures. It for sure motivates you to get out there and see the world for yourself. 100% recommend!

  14. Álvaro

    Un gran libro! Lo compré con un amigo y así nos salía más barato! Increíble al tacto, suave muy suave. Una calidad fotográfica excelente y lo mejor… las historias! Sin duda una compre que recomiendo y que no me arrepiento de haberlo cogido!

  15. Arrate (verified owner)

    Best book purchase I have ever made! Every country in the world one page at a time, filled with amazing histories and photos from Alvaro’s travels.

    Great book that won’t dissapoint you!

  16. Ivan (verified owner)

    The book is very complete, the pictures are amazing, the book’s quality is surprising and also the price.
    Every travel lover has to read it.

  17. Iris (verified owner)

    Gorgeous, informative and entertainig! Recommended to anyone interested in planet Earth.

  18. Sophie schurmann

    This book is amazing!! Inspirational, interesting and beautiful pictures. Highly recommend it to anyone, so many tips and stories to learn from. Muchas gracias Alvaro!!

  19. Salem (verified owner)

    AMAZING AND INSPIRING WELL-WRITTEN BOOK!! Half an hour into reading and I’m already hooked! The stories Alvaro tells are filled with detail, truth and different perspectives, uncomparable to any travel guide; motivating and inspiring! The quality of the paper and the images is superb, would definitely give it 6 stars if I could!

  20. Charlotte

    Absolutely loving this book, great personal stories from every country! Can’t put it down! It’s keeping me ‘travelling’ whilst we are in lockdown!
    Thank you ❤️

  21. Ana Ungco (verified owner)

    The book is absolutely special! It captures @wanderreds perspective with truthfulness and the realities of being a traveler! I had so much fun reading and writing down inspiring quotes that is totally relatable. Kudos!

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