In December 2019, Alvaro Rojas became the youngest Spaniard to Visit Every Country in the World. A feat, only 200 people in History, had done before. Throughout the years, he collected stories and lessons from every single country, from his detention in Afghanistan to getting run over by a car in Congo, almost drowning in Zanzibar, being stranded in remote Pacific islands, sneaking into war-zones and navigating some of the most corrupts borders in the World. An arduous but fruitful journey that combined with his business acumen and corporate knowledge as former CFO in an Oil and Gas company will be the perfect keynote speaker for your travel summit,  school, corporate retreat, or business event.


These past years, Alvaro has been the face of many big brands including Olympus, GoPro, Kodak, and Expedia, has worked with every renowned hotel chain from Four Seasons to Hyatt, and helped tourism boards and travel agencies reach a broader more targeted audience. He has carried out more than 150 campaigns in over 90 countries. He offers several social media marketing services from brand promotion, content creation, giveaways, take-overs, and make-overs. Reach out and request his media kit!


In July 2020, Alvaro released his first book, Stories from my travels to every country in the World,a compilation of his stories and photos. Hes also currently working on a second book, which will be a game-changer for every intrepid traveler out there. In between, he is hired to write travel articles and blog posts for businesses. He is a regular contributor to Huffington Post and other online portals. Book Alvaro and let him wonder your audience with his travel writing and tales from every country.

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from over 150 travel brands in +90 countries