Álvaro Rojas

Youngest Spaniard to visit every country and one of the World's Most Traveled People.


As a self-taught photographer and having worked professionally in photography and social media all over the World, Álvaro finally released his Lightroom editing presets. Now your pictures can look like his with just one click!


"Stories from my travels to every country" is a window into a lifetime of travel. Personal stories from every single country with his own pictures in full color. Lessons learned, scary moments, the highs, the lows, unfiltered short stories like you've never read before!


Álvaro founded his travel agency, Wander Expeditions, to try to shatter the stereotypes around destinations often misrepresented by the media. They create the most fun adventures for fearless travelers in unique destinations. SAY YES, and join them!


Álvaro has worked on travel consulting projects with renowned global organizations like Microsoft, as well as individuals following his footsteps to every country in the World. If it has to do with travel, Álvaro will coach you through it!


As a travel expert and entrepreneur, Álvaro can inspire and educate your audience. With vast experience in public speaking for all kinds of organizations, from corporate to academia, he is charismatic expert voice you are looking for!

Venezuela -32

Wander Expeditions

Álvaro is the founder of Wander Expeditions, a very special travel agency that specializes in creating travel families out of a group of strangers in some of the World’s most exotic countries.

All our Expeditioners have 3 things in common: they are Fun, Flexible and Fearless! They SAY YES to Life.


At age 29, and having visited over 100 countries, Álvaro took the leap to quit his cozy corporate job as an expat CFO at an Oil and Gas company to pursue his dream of visiting every country in the World. Two years later, he became one of the youngest people to achieve this feat, launched his travel business, and wrote a book.


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Group Trips

As soon as travel restrictions allow,  I will be leading trips to some of the most off the beaten path destinations in the World. Join my Newsletter to stay tuned to all the updates!

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