We organize exciting Expeditions to explore some of the World’s most unique and off the beaten path destinations. 

Wander Expeditions is different to any other agency because Alvaro tailor makes every itinerary and leads every trip, so we have very limited openings. Every traveller is carefully selected from a large sample of applicants to ensure they are on the same page and maximize experience satisfaction. We create travel families from strangers, and our commitment is that you will have epic stories at the end

It’s your one-in-a-lifetime chance to visit these secluded countries, create exciting travel stories, learn new skills and make life-long friendships with other fun traveljunkies like yourself!

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War-torn for decades, Afghan people still manage to keep their hospitality intact. We’ll fly to Kabul, wander the legendary capital, traditional carpet markets, explore amazing blue-tiled mosques in Herat, ancient Buddhas carved in stone in Bamyan,  mind-blowing landscapes and finger-licking food. It’s one of the most unique journeys you will undertake, the thrill of a lifetime! 


The North of Iraq is a fascinating region with an incredible blend of millenary cultures, religions and ethnicities. It offers unparalleled mountain sceneries and off-the-beaten path monuments with some of the best food in the Middle East! We’ll explore the strife of the Kurds through decades under Saddam’s oppression and how they most recently vanquished ISIS. The perfect all-round travel experience!


Hands down, one of the biggest adventures you can find today! Our Expedition will explore active volcanoes, the biggest lava lake in the World, the lush rainforests of the emblematic Virunga NP, underrated gems like Lake Kivu and of course, the majestic mountain gorillas. Most tourists come for the gorillas, but miss all the local life and culture. We won’t make that mistake! Are you ready?

Socotra meets the perfect definition of remote island. Closest to Yemen and Somalia, its location has made it somehow an oasis in turbulent waters. Azure beaches, crystal clear water for snorkelling and diving, healthy corals full of fish and thousands of endemic species of flora and fauna make it a unique ecosystem. It’s so off the grid, it’s the perfect chance to explore it now, before it changes!


One of those countries that you cant take anyones word for it, you need to visit and experience it yourself. Its controversial political turmoil, the raw natural beauty, the passionate warm-blooded locals, and harsh social realities will surprise you beyond belief. Well adventure deep in the Amazon jungle to Angel Falls, the highest waterfalls in the World, witness life in vibrant Caracas, and finish off in pristine beaches in Morrocoy. What are you waiting for?

A unique chance to visit Syria while it’s still closed, with the whole destination to ourselves thanks to a special visitors permit.  This ancient land has a myriad wonders such as the ruins of Palmyra, the templar castle of Krak des Chevaliers, the fortress of Aleppo, and the legendary Damascus, cross paths of trade and civilizations for millennia. Friendly people, tasty food, and unique culture, what more can you ask for?

 This is probably the best kept secret from our list of expeditions. It’s so off-the-beaten path, you probably haven’t heard it offers one of the most diverse set of sceneries in the World. From alpine forests and mountains, to sandy dunes, vast canyons and desert plains. Nomads by nature, Kazakhs will host us in their yurts and we’ll explore the beauty of it’s outdoors as well as the modern weirdness of its cities. The sleeping Central Asian giant will wake up soon enough, don’t be late to the party!


Simply put, its the most strange country in the World. A phantom capital all built-in white marble, weird golden monuments shaped like spaceships and space portals, a billion-dollar mosque thats always empty, an omnipresent President, and a fire pit thats been burning for over 50 years. If you are searching for travel experiences that stand out, look no further!